Legal vs Illegal Immigration

The United States of America has boasted about its generosity in welcoming immigrants from wherever they came from. Immigration brings in new cultures to learn about, new foods to discover, and new opportunities for the country to thrive. To legally become an immigrant, that person must place an application with the government of the country they intend to immigrate to for approval. Unfortunately, not everyone does it the legal way.

Legal Immigration

To immigrate legally to a country, or specifically, the United States, the immigrant must submit a form to the government that indicates their intent. These forms can be used to apply for visas, refugee permits, green cards, or citizenship status. Each status has its own rules and limitations, for example, refugee permits must only be used by those fleeing oppression while a visa can be used for tourism.

Illegal Immigration

Illegally immigrating to the United States can be very dangerous. If someone crosses the border into the States illegally, they leave themselves open to becoming victims of “coyotes”, people who take advantage of illegal immigrants. Other examples of illegal immigration are overstaying on an expired visa, committing immigration application fraud, or refusing to leave after being ordered to do so.

Immigrate Legally

Coming into the United States as a legal immigrant is much more beneficial to everyone involved as opposed to coming in illegally. Not only is it safer, in the long run it also allows the immigrant to fit in as an American Citizen rather than hiding in society. If a person is unsure of what the necessary steps are to immigrate legally, an immigration lawyer can be contacted to help complete the process.

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Long-Term Benefits of Legal Immigration

Immigrating to a new country can be a long and hard process but that process can be made easier if done legally. They key is to apply for the correct immigration status (Visa, Refugee Permit, Green Card, etc.) and to keep the government updated on any changes that happens during the stay. This will help move the process along smoothly and allow immigrants to obtain citizenship much quicker.